Please read the rules carefully before applying to ensure your application will go through smoothly. Should there be any confusion or questions you'd like to ask or clarify, you can reach me through the contact form. Please be mindful that rules may subject to change without any notice.

General Guidelines

  1. One summon per person only.
    There's a list of summons here if you're unsure what summon you want to choose. Anyone is allowed to have the same summon.

  2. Your site must be yours in order link us back.
    We will not list any dead link (404/403 error), harmful (hacks, virus, etc), hate or adult sites. However, hiatus or upcoming sites are allowed as long as the code is provided. As a courtesy, please keep your information updated.

  3. You must provide an 88x31 button.
    File extensions must either be .jpg, .gif, or .png only. Upload it to any free image host that allows direct linking such as Imgur or CTRLQ.

  4. The button must be the image of your summon you selected with its name on it.
    For example, if Carbuncle was a prefered summon, a button must be provided with its name regardless what Final Fantasy series it came from. The 88x31 button may look something like this:

  5. You must have the code up at least a week upon acceptance.
    You are not required to have the code on every page, but it must be somewhere everyone would be able to locate it.

  6. You can change your summon anytime.
    You can change your choice of summon provided that you include a new button. Although there are no limits how often you can change it, please do not abuse this privilege for the others.

By joining, you hearby agree with the rules.
I agree to the rules above and promise to uphold them.
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