Here are our list of summoned Eidolons and is sorted by name in alphabetical order. We currently have a total of 9 members!

  1. Ifrit Aelyn of Aelysia summons Ifrit!

  2. Chocobo Bobbi of Quicksilver summons Chocobo!

  3. Carbuncle Cerine of Caelestis summons Carbuncle!

  4. Leviathan Christina of Midnight Cloud summons Leviathan!

  5. Ultima Larissa of Red Crown summons Ultima!

  6. Odin Lene of Kuchiki summons Odin!

  7. Bahamut Medli of Shattered Memories summons Bahamut!

  8. Shiva Robin of Celes summons Shiva!

  9. Ixion Sophia of Raygunsue summons Ixion!

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